Clinical Trial Logistics is the service that need special care. Do you currently face these problems?

  • Temperature of shipment has an excursion
  • The shipment is delivered to the wrong site.
  • The quota of medicine was mis-calculated
  • Custom clearance takes long time and faces many issues. Then, it increases risk of temperature excursion
  • Cargo or shipping company cannot response with or be flexible to urgent shipment and delivery.

Clinical Trial Logistics is the service that need special care in details of every process of logistics, staring from temperature of cargo, custom documentation, import duty until quality of delivery. Our commitment on quality and punctuality is what we keep at highest priority. Patient cannot wait for delay for delivery. We fully recognize that quality of clinical trial is what we commit.

JET8 has proof records of our performance with leading pharmaceutical companies who trust in our quality, punctuality and problem-solving ability for customers. Examples of our pharmaceutical customers are:

NovartisIQVIABoehringer Ingelheim
PfizerMERCKMedica Mate