Do you currently face these problems?

  • Want to ship cargo by air, but do not know how to do.
  • Get worries that air shipment can be extremely expensive

Air Shipments
is our service of shipping your products by airfreight. This service suits with perishable cargo such as fresh food, frozen food, vegetable, fruits, flowers, medicine and other products that are small but high-value. Normally airfreight shipment takes 1-5 days from origin to destination country.

JET8 is professional in this kind of shipment. We can serve either small or large sized cargo by air. We move your cargo with reliable airlines to and from major cities around the world. We handle export and import custom clearance with care. We provide our service at high quality with competitive price to be good solutions for our customers.

Method of calculating weight of air cargo:
Under international practice, weight of air cargo is measured from actual weight or volume weight. Airlines use the higher one as the chargeable weight. The volume weight is calculated from ( width x length x height / 6,000 ).