Do you currently face these problems?

  • Want to send only a few boxes to test the market, but cannot find solution.
  • Get a headache because your cargo get stuck at the border custom.
  • Do not have import or export license, can you ship your products?
  • Shipping via cross-border is really cheaper than air-freight and sea-freight?

Cross-border shipping
is our service to move your products to and from our neighboring countries. This service is a good solution for entrepreneur who want to expand the market to CLMV countries. Cross-border shipping is just an alternative. It is not the always solution because sometimes air-shipment and sea-shipment is more economic mode of transportation. Our team will advise you based on your requirements and constraints.

Routes of Cross-border Shipping

  • Thailand <—–> Cambodia (both import & export)
  • Thailand <—–> Myanmar (both import & export)
  • Thailand <—–> Laos (both import & export)
  • Thailand <—–> Vietnam (both import & export)
    *** We can provide door-to-door service.