DOMESTIC COOL Temperature controlled transportation in our country has many difficulties to keep the consistency of temperature at all time of transportation. Do you currently face these problems?
  • The cargo get melt before arriving the consignee
  • Temperature gets high during some times of transportation.
  Domestic Cool is our service of transporting cargo under consistent temperature control condition. Our service suits with the cargo that need strict control of temperature. We provide one-stop service, including temperature controlled package at high quality. Your cargo will be safely moved under the agreed temperature condition as far as your cargo is in our hands. Our service offers you to put a data logger with your cargo to proof that quality of temperature is reached in our transportation services.   Range of Temperature Control
  • +15 to +25 degree Celsius
  • +2 to +8 degree Celsius
  • 0 to -70 degree Celsius
  • -150 to -196 degree Celsius
  Examples of cargo that JET8 has been handling.

Medical and Scientific Items



Human Tissue



Human Blood

Cord Blood

Human Cells

Dog Blood

Life animal

Animal Tissue

Lab Samples