Do you currently face these problems?

  • There are so many mistakes in custom documents
  • Do not know how to use FTA agreements to reduce your import duty legally.
  • Cannot estimate duration of sea shipment accurately. Then, cargo does not arrive you or your customer in time.
  • Do not understand logistics language. Then, there are mistakes in communication with suppliers and customers.

Sea Shipments is our service of international shipping by sea freight. This service suits with the situation of non-urgent cargo. Duration of sea freight shipment can be 5 days to 2 months depending on where the origin and destination countries are and what routes of sea transportation are being used.

Consulting Service:
We help our customers in planning of shipping their products so that product can be arrived in time with low cost of sea freight. We offer best solution for our clients.

We have both FCL and LCL service. FCL service is for full container shipment. LCL service suits for customers who have low quantity of products, and we share sea freight with other customers. We calculate and advise our clients whether FCL or LCL is the most economic method for each shipment of our clients.

Reefer Container Service
is our service of moving your cargo by sea freight with temperature controlled containers. This type of containers suits for products that need temperature control, such as frozen shrimp, frozen cheese, some kinds of vitamin, some kind of cosmetics, etc.