Import and export of food faces many new regulations every year. Do you currently face these problems?

  • Have a headache because of mistake or incomplete documents. Do not know what documents are necessary.
  • Products has arrived air/sea port but get stuck at custom. Cannot do custom clearance.
  • Wasting lots of time with applying import license and other related custom documents.
  • Get too tired in applying import permits and other documents.
  • Your logistics cost goes high with unnecessary import duty. Do not know how to reduce import duty legally.
  • You want to ship samples of food to potential buyers, but do not know how to do.
  • Your buyers want you to provide FTA form, but you do not know how to do.
  • You have not established a company yet, but you already got a purchase order. Can you export your products?
  • You want to open new business on food import or export, but do not know how to calculate international logistics cost.

Food Logistics is our service of shipping food internationally at one-stop service. Our service covers product packing, freight (air, sea or cross-border), custom clearance, export and import permits, international shipping documentation, warehouse and product distribution to final consignee.


Consulting Service is our added-value service to serve our customers because food business gets more and more complicated each year. We provide consultation since our customers plan to start business so that our customers recognize difficulties and cost estimate of international logistics before real start of their business.


Service of Import Permit Application is our strength that JET8 has quality team who are knowledgeable and experienced in this field. With more than 10 years of our experience in applying import licenses, we help our customers to obtains permits from Thai FDA, Department of Industrial Works, Department of Fisheries, Department of Agriculture, Department of Livestock, and other related government organizations.


Our expert team can serve you the following matters:

  • Apply import license with Thai FDA,
  • Apply import permits and certificates with Department of Fisheries,
  • Apply import permits with Department Agriculture
  • Apply import and moving permits with Department of Livestock,
  • Provide consultation on HS Code, import duty and Rights to reduce import duty,
  • Provide consultation on international logistics cost of food business,
  • Provide service of research on logistics in food business, and
  • Other services.

Furthermore, we have a service of shipping food samples that exporters want to send for taste to their potential customers before a real purchase order. This service also covers the import of food samples from other countries to Thailand before the importer will make any further decision in business.


Examples of Foods that JET8 has records in international transportation:

Ice creamVegetable oilLactic acid drinks
Genetically modified soybeansCheesePizza
TofuKing crabSpinach
OystersChocolateWhipped cream
GrapefruitCondensed MilkTuna
SnackCandy and SweetsMore